A Detail view

Darlene's Floor

Between Christmas and New Years I went to visit my friend Darlene who has built a house of straw in the woods. This is no three pigs scenario - this is a really solid post and beam house with bales of straw covered in adobe for the exterior walls. The straw makes insulation so good that the whole house can be heated by radiant heating built into the concrete floor on the ground level. This does mean that the concrete floor can't have rugs though, because they would insulate the house from the heating system. This is where I came in. I painted the floor.

What I did was made some "rubber" stamps and then used paint to stamp a tile pattern onto the concrete. The design was then sealed with clear Urethane type varnish. I used the Penrose Rhomb tiling as the basis for the pattern. I think of this floor as a big painting, and I gave it a title, which is "Some Zones Are Boundaries". The meaning of the title is left as an excercise for the reader.

A view from the doorway

A view towards the doorway

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