A Bit of Personal Information
I wanted to be an astronaut. Now I'm an artist. I have been educated by the Canadian education system. If you're interested, the details are here. I wanted to be an astronaut because I was interested in "Space". "Space" was pure science. "Space" was a place to wrap yourself in a cocoon and float amid wonders.

Well, it turns out that there are lots of things you can do that have those characteristics. The dream of freedom turned into being a hippie and living in the woods. I came to love the weather and the simple experience of experiencing. That was a very beautiful time.

I was a photographer then. I photographed sunlight on clouds and rain, and moonlight on rivers and windowpanes. The light came from far away and was changed by the untouchable to go zing through my lens and smack onto my film. I liked that. I liked the skill too. It was a knowledge and understanding based skill, with the physical part handled by beautiful artifacts. I've always been weak at performance skills, like music.

Computers were the thing though. I got one almost as soon as they were available, and long before they were useful in the way they are now. I learned to write programs. When you write your own programs, any computer, no matter how tiny, is an infinite universe of possibilities. This is the old floating in a cocoon theme returning with a vengeance, only now the universe is inside the cocoon, and I'm outside.

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  • September 1985 - May 1989 Emily Carr College of Art and Design Vancouver My Major area of study was printmaking - mostly hand lithography, but also etching and relief printing. I also studied computer art. I was a founding member of "The Planet of the Arts", the ECCAD student publication, for which I wrote a monthly column for 3 years and also headed the typesetting crew.
  • November 1978 - August 1979 Vancouver Vocational Institute - Production Printing Vancouver This was a pre-apprenticeship day program covering: estimating, hot metal typography, computer typography, black and white camera, film assembly, platemaking, and both letterpress and offset press operation. I also took a 4 Colour film assembly course at night.
  • 1968 - 1970 University of New Brunswick Saint John, N.B. I spent two years at UNB studying math and physics. I also edited the student publication "Equinox"
  • 1964 - 1967 Saint John High school Saint John, N.B. I was engaged in the academic program with an emphasis on science. I graduated from grade 12.


  • I've spent more than 15 years as an active photographer. I have many years experience as a writer. I write my own computer programs. I'm an active cyclist, and enjoy reading, Chess and Go.


  • Computer Operations - 20 years experience using computers professionally in the printing industry. Very familiar with all the professional graphics packages, as well as with word processors, spreadsheets and databases. I write my own software in a number of languages. I have experience maintaining and operating a small Ethernet LAN. I'm very familiar with scanners, and in the past year have been making a bit of a study of digital printing, including laser printing, giclée printing and transfer of digital images to traditional print media.
  • Artist's Assistant - It amazes me to even think of this as a profession, but it's actually been forming a large part of my livelihood for a number of years now. Artists who work at a high level need people to help them in their work - they need physical assistance, because art is often lonely, boring and heavy work, and they need someone with the critical skills to give them feedback on the work that they are doing. The skills that I've developed working in other fields helps me here, for I can do very many things in a fine art studio. More amazing than thinking of this as a profession is thinking that I'm qualified to do it. But I've worked with a couple of prominent artists now, and they have been so pleased with my services that I can only say that I have a skill in this that few others possess.
  • Fine Art Printmaking - I print professionally for a number of artists in the following techniques: stone lithography, waterless lithography, intaglio, serigraphy, photography and digital printing. In the past couple of years I've had training in two new print media, waterless lithography and Imagon intaglio. Recently I've been exploring various ways of making prints from digital images.
  • Commercial Printing - I've worked in all aspects of commercial printing including typography, platemaking, press operations, bindery machine operations. The field is obsolete now, but I was particularly qualified in graphics camera work. My most recent experience with a graphics camera has been at ECIAD itself, where I've been maintaining the camera in the printmaking department for the past few years.