Geometric Compositions

Made by Hand

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Geometric Compositions

Six or seven years ago I developed a way of making supersymmetrical pictures that I call snowflakes. At first it was just an interesting discovery that would make pretty attractive pictures out of just about anything. I didn't think it would go far, but I kept discovering more and more interesting things I could do with the technique. (I made a crude video of the way it works at

I've made thousands of these pictures now. Until recently the seed for a snowflake was an image I made for another purpose or found. I worked with photographs and scans and images that were the output of programs I write. Lately I tried my hand at making seeds for snowflakes by "hand". That is, rather than select the seed, I started constructing them using tools provide by paint programs before I applied my snowflake manipulations. This page shows some of the pictures I made that way.